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Owner communications made easy

Send all your owners secure text, photos, audio and video reports in seconds! Even better, you do it right from your iPhone or iPad with the highly acclaimed miStable App! Save precious time and provide your owners with the best possible experience, starting from just $9 per month

  • Free miStable App
  • Add video, audio, photo and text
  • Provide a great experience for your owners
  • View on any device
  • Save time

Horse Trainer Websites

Attract new clients with a professional website customised to your business. Promote your stable, Syndication Business or Stud Farm and easily advertise your horses for sale to a global audience. Join the hundreds of trainers, stud farms and syndicators worldwide who rely on miStable to promote their business and sell their horses online

  • Get a professional website
  • Promote your business
  • Advertise your horses for sale
  • Easily show runners and recent winners

Automatic race alerts

Save additional time and send automatic race alerts to your owners. You can include any combination of nominations, weights, scratchings, acceptances and results. And your owners will easily be able to view up-to-the minute field information, right from their PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

  • Send automatic racing alerts
  • Customise alerts on a per owner basis
  • View up to the minute field information

Please note: Automatic race alerts are only available in Australia and New Zealand at this time

Horse Owner management

All our packages include easy to use customer relationship management software. Want to create a newsletter or distribution list? Easy. Add new horses or owners? That's quick and easy, too. Need to see what you said to the owners of a horse in your last communication? No problem. And all this information is securely backed-up and stored in the cloud - so you can access it anywhere, anytime, and from any device - with no extra charge.

  • Free customer relationship management software
  • Easily add or change owners to a horse
  • Create newsletters
  • Keep a secure archive of all communications on your horses
  • Free access from any device

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